Riding Australia on a Motorcycle

Adrian Power

I spent 2010 travelling Australia by motorcycle. I was 25 when I left in January, and 26 when I came back in December.
I had no schedule, no time limit and rode as far as a wanted every day.
At night, I would study the map and figure out the places I wanted to see the next day.
When I woke up, I would head off in that direction and usually stumble upon other places on the way.
Some days, especially in the desert, I rode as far as practical and forgot about sightseeing.
I learnt a lot about motorcycles during the trip. I started as a novice, and ended slightly less novice. It was the most amazing time and I learnt a lot about life.
I will share some of the tips, insights, stories and the raw beauty of Australia - Once I find the time to edit the footage and tell the story, I'll post it back here.

Total Distance: 30,000 km

Days Riding: 107

Average per day: 300 km

Average Cost (2010 AUD) per riding day: $100

This includes camping permits, food, petrol, tires, accomodation, all consumables.

Australia by Motorcycle - the Map:

Total Days from start to finish: 315

(~200 days spent living and working in Broome, WA)